A close friend who shares opposing team loyalty is one of the greatest pleasures of bong da truc tuyen fandom. He loves the Yankees, you love the Red Sox; you love Real Madrid; you are Brazil; and for some strange reason, the guy has a crush on Lionel Messi. How can you make a post-game phone call to your friends and annoy his family by wearing your jersey to the barbecue?

I’ve been to matches on four continents and in about a dozen other countries. Not as many as others, but more than some. These matches always seem to be more enjoyable for mixed teams, as I have seen them. However, I can still recall my 2006 trip to England-Trinidad World Cup match. As the match was heading towards a draw, the crowd was overwhelming pro-England. Many of them sat in silent and intense consternation. A small group of friends, or at the very least, friendly people, were present, some wearing Trinidadian black and others with St. George’s Cross faces. They followed the game with intense attention. When England did something well, the English cheered. And when the Soca Warriors merited it, the Trinidadian cheered. They laughed, drank, and enjoyed these moments.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is important to be with friends and cheer each other on when things go well. For me, the best part about watching soccer is not judging my friends’ recent achievements but engaging in arguments with intelligent, passionate, and informed family members or acquaintances who don’t share my opinions.

By Rooney

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