No matter if your video is about celebrities or your homemade beauty product, it should be seen by a larger audience. Videos that are universally attractive can go viral simply because they have great content. There are also videos that have great content but don’t get enough views. These videos are often not popular for a variety of reasons. These tips will help you get more YouTube views.

get the facts

Keep it short

YouTube videos are typically between 30 and 2 minutes long. Surprisingly, a 30-second video can be informative or entertaining. Many YouTube viewers prefer videos that are shorter and more interesting than those with longer descriptions.

It is best to start with shorter videos if you are just starting out. After you have accumulated enough views, you can start making longer videos.

Give your a catchy title

Next, you need to create a catchy title to your video to increase YouTube views. When choosing the title, keep these tips in mind

  • In a sentence or a phrase, describe the purpose of your video
  • To make it easier for people to search your video, include important keywords in the title
  • To get more viewers, you can start your video with the words “How to” if it is a tutorial video.
  • Make sure the title is relevant to your YouTube video. Your credibility will be reduced if you use irrelevant titles.

Description of the video

The description of your video will help viewers decide whether they want to watch it. A good description will help search engines find your video quickly because search engine spiders examine the words and phrases in your description before indexing your video. Simple language is easy to understand by your audience. Don’t waste time with long descriptions. Stick to what you want to communicate through the video.

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