Today, most universities offer the Masters in Finance option as part of their MBA program. Business schools usually offer several areas of concentration in the second year. This is a full-time, two-year MBA program. Finance is the most sought-after major at most schools for the MBA. All of the schools listed below offer finance as an option for an MBA. In some cases, there are additional graduate options for finance degrees that can be used in conjunction with corporate operations or an analytical career. For students who are interested in learning more about the complexities and mathematics of finance, some universities offer a Masters degree in Financial Mathematics. Others have a PhD program in the technology of financial finance. All of the schools below offer degree programs that can help you get a job in business.

The New England College of Business and Finance was established in 1909 as the New England Banking Institute. It has grown from a financial training institution to a fully fledged college that offers degrees accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges. The Master of Finance degree covers eleven advanced courses, including Portfolio Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Quantitative Methods and International Finance. The college has a strong track record in teaching aspiring professionals in finance and banking.

Baker College offers an online MBA in Finance. The program includes 30 credit hours dedicated to business studies, and twenty credit hours for finance classes. The first section of the program covers the core business courses, including Accounting for the Contemporary Manager, Research & Statistics for Managers and Management Information Systems. This allows students to learn the analytical tools and IT requirements necessary for a Masters degree in Finance. Advanced finance classes include Public Finance, International Business Finance, and International Business Finance.

The University of Liverpool’s online MBA program is an example of international online education. The program has attracted students from more than 175 countries since it was accredited by European Foundation for Management Development. Modules are used to deliver the MBA in Accounting and Finance. Each module consists of classes that increase their complexity. The University offers e-books and printed textbooks free of charge. Finance modules include Investment Strategies and Financial Reporting. Advanced Managerial Accounting is also available.

Kaplan University offers an online Masters of Business Administration in Finance. It can be completed in either one year of full-time study or two years of study. This curriculum covers mergers and acquisitions as well as international business finance, foreign currency risk, hedging strategies and global positioning assets. Kaplan also offers a MBA Entrepreneurship, which focuses on the creative uses and capital requirements of startups.

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