job marketplace websites are a great place to find freelance writing work. Here you can connect with buyers from all over the world who post article writing projects every day. You want to win as many projects possible. This guide will help you do that.

1. Create a compelling personal profile. Tell potential clients about yourself, what you can offer them and what makes you stand out from the rest. You can give them a summary of your previous experiences, and a list if possible of clients you have worked with before.

2. Make an online portfolio. It is important that potential buyers get a sense of your writing abilities. You can create an online portfolio to avoid having to give individual samples (which can be time-consuming) to potential buyers. You can write several articles, preferably on different subjects, and publish them on publishing websites under your name.

3. Be professional. Bids should reflect your track record and level of expertise. It’s best to charge less if you’re just starting out. It is possible to charge as little as $1 per article. This is temporary. Once you are established on your preferred freelancing platform, you can increase the price of your work. Depending on the amount of research required and the word count, this can lead to a charge between $5-20 per article.

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